Do you want a perfect shore excursion, Rome in Limo, you can have in 1 day ?

Rome in 1 day is your only  time slot?

Or do you wish to be introduced to the city for a condensed itinerary and you'll discover it deeply during our staying?

Book with us! Shore  excursion or sightseeing Rome!

ROME WITH A VIEW ( Full day tour )

One day to see the most of Rome

This one day can start from your hotel or from your ship pier !!!

English speaking driver will be meeting you  at your ship pier,  or hotel 7.30/8.00 am

In Rome city we can tailor your day according to your wishes or start your sighseeing leading to the Circus Maximus and  Coliseum.

After the Coliseum we set a "condensed" itinerary for you, including Spanish steps, Trevi fountain, Piazza Venezia with it's "typewriter" or "wedding cake", here also you can decide to book the entrance;we also include Piazza Navona,by lunchtime;
The afternoon will be devoted to  Saint Peter s basilica , Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel.

Then, if you're a cruiser on shore excursion you'll be back to your ship pier.

While if you're in the city we can continue our Rome discovering adding Trastevere area to the experience !

We're ready to build with you unforgetful memories !!

This  oneday tour is available with or without entrance to the attractions

And with or wihout Licensed Guide

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A different shore excursion or  day tour

Rome is a treasure of Art end History, we can suggest many itineraries through the city such as this  classical itinerary which includes  Saint Peter Basilica; the  ancient Market square of  Campo de Fiori  in  Trastevere neighborhood;  the  Pantheon,an  the unique place at world that is a sacred one since its beginning 2000 years ago;  Navona and Venezia Square that is the Unknown Soldier monument; the Forums, Coliseum; Saint Mary Major.

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Green and Parks itinerary will give the option of discovering Rome through its Parks and Villas, a different point of you for your Rome in limo  excursion.

It will start start from Pincian Hill, then  Gianicolo an amazing top  view from  the  hill which looks on Trastevere area,   Villa Borghese the huge park in the heart of the city itself,  then the Aventine Hill,  with its Oranges Garden and the Hole,  the Rose Garden, available in its blooming from April to June, then down to Circus Maximus,and  the Ancient Appian Way Park, a bit further from the city centre but a great place to discover with a secret options for teenagers to be booked in advance.

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For those who are interested in the Imperial Rome history, we'll start from the Ancient Ostia, a very close option for those who have no time for visiting Pompei, then after the visit, we'll be driving you to Circus Maximus and Caracalla Baths, so we suggest a visit according to availability and wishes to  the Temples of  Hercules and Portunus recently restored, thanks also to American Express Fund, that are located exactly opposite to Bocca della Verità; last but not least will be Pantheon and Navona Square.

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Food tour in the city, mixing Art, history, flavours and great atmosphere !


You've been many times in Rome and feel interested in a different one day trip? Out from the city? an idea could be:
THE LORD OF THE HILLS , Roman Castles Food & Wine
Just 40 minutes from the city centre up on volcanic hills there are small towns that since the ancient times where considered pleasant and nice places to spend great time;

Nemi, Castel Gandolfo, Genzano, more than driving around in these little towns, you could enjoy a visit to one of them and also a wine tasting tour while visiting the area, you could opt to be the guest of  a winery, and also have a sommelier as a  guide a visit in a winery ( with wine tasting and platters of charcuterie of local products to accompany the wine) ;

you can also add a cooking class.

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Orvieto and its sorroundings

A lot to see one hour from Rome !

The ancient town of Orvieto, the amazing Castle of Torre Alfina, just an hidden treasure on this smooth hills!

Discover here Food & Wine and enjoy a real day like a local , completely off the beaten path; walking in this little medioeval towns you ll find yourself 0n the Border of 3 regions: Latium, Toscana and Umbria, so the choice is only up to you.

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Tivoli just also 40 minutes from the centre Villa d'Este and Villa Adriana will be a green and fresh place to hide from the Rome crowded summer, the fountains and the amazing villas will let you speechless !

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You feel very courious to visit Naples and Sorrento ? You've always dreamt of it ? Limoncello and Pizza are your delicious wishes, sfogliatella and coffee are needed ???

No problem ! Book with us your one day from Rome !

Best local drivers and, if required,  very enjoyable and reliable  licensed guides to let you discover Naples, with its  hidden treasures and museums, or Pompei and the Amalfi Coast  in a unique way just ask here your best quote and more info: